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The essence of health is within each one of us.  The human body has an innate ability to heal itself if it is properly nurtured.  I want to help people heal their bodies and enhance their overall health by teaching the benefits of a lifestyle that combines a diet of natural plant-based foods, physical exercise, and stress reducing meditative practices with the latest medical science to restore whole-body wellness and improve lives.

I have found that it is very difficult to practice this type of medicine within our traditional health care delivery model.  The traditional relationship between doctor and patient has been eroded by the addition of middlemen and excess complexity.  I need more than a quick 15 minute appointment to give my patients that type of comprehensive care that can restore and enhance health.  I want to be able to spend time helping patients understand how their diet, exercise, and stress are contributing to chronic disease.

In order to provide comprehensive, quality, affordable, compassionate primary care to my patients, I founded the Essence of Health Wellness Clinic as a Direct
Primary Care model. My patients pay me directly for primary care and I do not accept any insurance. Direct Primary Care is primary medical care.  It is not a substitute for insurance and patients should maintain their own insurance for hospitalizations, specialist visits, and emergency room care.

Shayla Toombs-Withers, D.O.

Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers
Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers